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Principal's Message

Jessie Baker School is an extraordinary educational setting for students with special needs. Our first priority is to provide a physically and emotionally safe environment for our students. With this at hand, student growth is limitless! Each day, our students experience joy, laughter, friendship, respect, high self-esteem, and personal growth within the context of their learning endeavors. Our teachers have all received degrees and expert training in curriculum development and behavior management for students with significant learning disabilities. Wonderful parents, caregivers, student volunteers, community members, and district administrators also enrich our learning environment. Together, this expansive team of experts carries out our school mission: providing a full-spectrum education for our exceptional students.
A full-spectrum education addresses students’ academic, social, emotional, behavioral, self-help, community instruction, vocational, and recreational needs. This approach recognizes that all students have unique abilities and needs. We have an excellent extensive, evolving curriculum to support all students and prepare them to become productive and contributing members of our community. We have high expectations for all of our students. They make continued progress toward reaching their maximum potential.
Cindee Shapton, Principal
Jessie Baker School